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Let's Answer Your Burning Photography Questions!

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Congratulations on stumbling upon the most fabulous wedding photography in the Richmond, Virginia area! Let's Answer Your Burning Questions! At FirstWorks Photography, we not only capture your special day but also tackle the questions that keep you up at night (or at least until you've finalized your wedding playlist). Here's a sneak peek into the hilarious FAQs we've encountered:

Q: Do you accept payment in hugs and leftover wedding cake?

A: While we appreciate the offer, our camera gear is a bit allergic to frosting. Cash or credit card hugs work just fine.

Q: Can you make me look as good as a celebrity on the red carpet?

A: We'll do our best, but if you're not Angela Bassett, our Photoshop skills might only take you to "local news anchor" level. Still fabulous, though!

Q: Do you have a magic wand to make my in-laws disappear in photos?

A: We're photographers, not wizards. However, we're experts at finding the perfect angles that make even the most challenging relatives look like photo angels.

Q: Can you Photoshop my fiancé's weird dance moves out of our wedding video?

A: We believe in capturing the authenticity of the moment, weird dance moves and all. But don't worry, we'll also capture your guests attempting to copy those funny moves!

Q: How many photos can you take in an hour?

A: Our shutter finger is like the Flash on espresso, but quality beats quantity. We're not in a photography race; we're here to create timeless memories.

Q: Can you add a dinosaur to our engagement photos?

A: Finally, someone asking the real questions! We love creativity, and if a T-Rex is your thing, we can make it happen. Just make sure it's not in the wedding party.

Q: Will you judge us if we request a Star Wars-themed wedding shoot?

A: Judge? No way! In fact, we might bring our own lightsabers. May the love be with you!

Q: Do you have a secret stash of emergency wedding snacks?

A: We're not saying we have a granola bar tucked in our camera bag, but we're also not saying we don't. Hunger waits for no wedding.

Q: Can you capture the exact moment when my grandmother hits the dance floor and shows everyone her secret breakdance moves?

A: Absolutely! Grandma's got moves, and we're ready to capture the epic dance revolution. Breakdance battle, anyone?

Q: Can you make my significant other look taller in photos? They're a bit sensitive about their height.

A: We can work some visual magic, but if we make them too tall, they might need a ladder to reach the wedding cake. Let's find the perfect height balance for a love that stands tall.

Q: What's your policy on capturing unexpected wedding crashers, like a stray cat or a rogue squirrel?

A: We embrace the unexpected! If a furry friend decides to join the celebration, we'll make sure they get their 15 minutes of fame in the wedding album. #SurpriseGuests

Q: Can you make it look like I caught the bouquet, even if I didn't?

A: We support dreams of bouquet glory! We'll capture the bouquet toss at just the right angle to make it seem like you're the next in line for the wedding bouquet throne. Practice that surprised-but-happy face!

Q: How many photos can you take before the best man's embarrassing speech gets too cringe-worthy?

A: Our camera has a cringe filter, but we've never reached its limit. Brace yourself for laughter, tears, and a speech that might just go down in wedding history.

Q: Do you have a backup plan if your camera catches the wedding cake in a compromising position?

A: Our cameras are professionals, but sometimes cakes have a mind of their own. If a cake scandal unfolds, we promise it'll be the sweetest controversy in your wedding album.

Q: Can you make it look like I arrived at the ceremony in a horse-drawn carriage, even if I rolled up in a minivan?

A: We can add a touch of fairy tale magic! Just remember, Cinderella might have had a pumpkin carriage, but minivans are the unsung heroes of wedding transportation.

Q: What's your stance on capturing the groom's face when he sees the bride for the first time – shocked or just mildly surprised?

A: We're experts at reading facial expressions. Whether it's a jaw-drop or a subtle eyebrow raise, we'll make sure to freeze that magical moment when love and surprise collide.

Q: Can you Photoshop out the evidence of my clumsy uncle spilling champagne on the dance floor?

A: We believe in keeping it real, even if it involves a champagne catastrophe. But hey, it's a celebration – a little spill just adds to the bubbly charm of the day!

Remember, at FirstWorks Photography, we're not just about pictures – we're about making your wedding journey as memorable as the photos themselves. So, ready to turn your special day into a blockbuster hit? Let's do this! 📸✨

Mr. Anthony FirstWorks Photography


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