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Engagements & Wedding Photography
capturing all the beautiful moments


when you work with Mr. Anthony

Expect a photographer that goes beyond simply capturing images, one that aims to preserve the essence and emotions of each moment

Hey there!

Welcome to FirstWorks Photography, where I'm all about crafting timeless wedding day stories! I'm Mr. Anthony, your dedicated wedding photographer on a mission to freeze those special moments into memories you'll treasure forever.

 Capturing Emotion, Creating Memories: My goal is simple but powerful – to capture the raw emotion of your big day. I'm not just about snapping pics; I'm all about weaving visual stories that tug at the heartstrings. And yes, I might throw in a corny joke to make you laugh for those genuine, unscripted moments that truly define you as a couple.

Easygoing and Ready for Anything: I'm as easygoing as they come, ready to roll with the punches and adapt to any situation. Whether it's capturing those quiet, intimate getting-ready moments or orchestrating a dance to freeze pure happiness, I'm there, camera in hand, making sure every moment is flawless.

Candid Moments, Unforgettable Memories: I specialize in those candid, unscripted instances that unveil the real essence of your love story. From the speechless first look to the vows and the proud, joy-filled glances from your parents, I'm here to document your journey with authenticity and heart.

Let's not just capture photographs but create timeless stories that reflect the beauty of your love. I'm here to document your moments, your memories, and your unique story. Are you ready to embark on this visual journey together? Let's do it!

Janeshia S

Above and Beyond!
Mr. Anthony was the photographer for the most wonderful time of my life... my wedding!! From the very start he asked what my husband and I wanted and brought it to life. He was Very understanding and listened well to details. I was able to get a bridal shoot along with numerous of pictures that we will forever cherish! I definitely recommend him for any event!
Trust The Process

Got burning questions or ready to unleash the awesomeness of your engagement or wedding day? Drop me a line using the contact form, and let's make some magic happen!  Your inquiry won’t just be a message; it'll be the start of an epic conversation about turning your ideas into unforgettable moments. Let the countdown to your lightning-fast, less-than-24-hour reply!


Let's turn our meeting into a party – whether it's a phone call, a coffee catch-up, or a Zoom fiesta! We'll chat about your wedding dreams, dive into your photography wishes, and whip up a custom package that's as unique as you are. Get ready for a collaboration that's more fun than a confetti cannon – because your big day deserves a plan as special as the two of you!


Ready to take the plunge into wedding greatness? If we hit it off in our chat, get ready for the VIP treatment! I'll shoot over a digital contract, that's more detailed than your favorite mystery novel, and a questionnaire that's so fun, you won't believe it's paperwork. And hey, to lock in your date, we'll need a non-refundable deposit – consider it the golden ticket to securing your spot in the wedding hall of fame!


Think of engagement photos as the ultimate sneak peek into our creative love story! It's not just about getting to know me – it's your chance to unveil the magic behind your upcoming wedding portraits. Consider it the coolest 'rehearsal dinner' for your smiles and poses. It's not practice makes perfect; it's practice makes unforgettable. Get ready to rock those engagement vibes before we turn up the wedding day glamour!


Planning your wedding day timeline can be an overwhelming task for any engaged couple!  Especially when it comes to your wedding photography.  I can assist helping to ensure a great experience for all involved.  At the end of the day, it’s the experience that you will remember the most.


Drowning in wedding day timeline stress? Fear not! I'm here to sprinkle some magic on the planning chaos, especially when it comes to the photography extravaganza. Let's turn that timeline from chaos to charm, ensuring a day filled with smiles, laughter, and unforgettable moments. Because, let's be real, it's not just about the photos—it's about crafting an experience that'll have you reminiscing with heart eyes for years to come!


Picture this: the grand finale of my job is hitting you with that online gallery, served up on a silver platter of easy navigation and share-ability! It's like the digital red carpet for your photos. And then? I'm over here on the edge of my seat, biting nails (figuratively, of course), just waiting for that golden 'WE LOVE THEM' moment to drop. The suspense is real, the excitement is palpable – let the countdown to photo perfection begin!


Ready to turn your wedding into a page-turner? The magic isn't complete without a physical album – the grand finale of your photography experience! I'm not just crafting a photo album; I'm creating a storybook that'll transport you back to the 'I do' moments with every flip. Get ready to relive the romance, the laughter, and the 'oh, remember that?' feels. Because, let's be honest, your love story deserves more than just a photo album – it deserves a front-row seat in the book of epic tales!

Engagement Sessions
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At FirstWorks Photography, we specialize in capturing the soulful connection between couples as they take the first steps toward forever in our engagement photography sessions.

Picture this: the warm Southern sun casting a golden glow on a couple deeply in love, ready to embark on the adventure of marriage. Our engagement photography sessions are a blend of sweet charm and authentic romance, perfectly timed to capture the magic that happens after the 'yes' and before the 'I do.'

Choosing locations that hold sentimental value, our sessions unfold in places where the couple's love story has bloomed - perhaps under the shade of ancient oak trees or against the backdrop of a historic plantation. We believe in weaving the rich tapestry of Southern love stories into each photograph.

More than just images, these sessions are a celebration. They're a way to share the news of your engagement with the warmth and hospitality that's quintessentially Southern. These photos become treasured keepsakes, preserving not just moments but the essence of a love that's as timeless as the Southern sunset.

Join us at FirstWorks Photography, where we capture the grace, charm, and excitement that define your love story. Let us create portraits that reflect not just your connection but the spirit that infuses every moment of your journey to 'happily ever after.

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save your date

Accepting couples that are wildly in love, looking for a wedding photographer in South Central Virginia or North Carolina! Send me a note to see if your date is available! Don't delay! 

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To maintain high quality standards, I am selective in the weddings I shoot and only take on a small number each year.
I look forward to connecting with you!
♡ Mr. Anthony

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